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Our Goals

The Northwest Connecticut Sportsman's Council (NWCSC) is an organization created to represent the mutual interests of sportsmen and sportswomen throughout Northwest Connecticut. NWCSC provides the organization and leadership for the various sportsman's clubs and associations to join together to ensure that their voice is heard on the issues that affect sportsmen in our state. View our Statement of Purpose.

Our Recent Initiatives

NWCSC has initiated and entered into a cooperative habitat and conservation effort with the Connecticut DEP to help with management of state owned lands, particularly our Wildlife Management Areas. Our volunteer efforts in this area have been cited by DEP in several editions of Connecticut Wildlife magazine. We currently have two council members holding seats on the DEP, Citizen's Advisory Council.

NWCSC members have been training with the University of Connecticut, Cooperative Extension System's "Coverts Project" and we have sent volunteers to the Yale Forestry Camp. The purpose of this project is to train volunteers to provide local community leadership in promoting long-term stewardship of forest and wildlife resources.

NWCSC maintains close ties with other statewide sportsman's organizations, such as the Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen and the Connecticut Sportsman's Alliance. By joining together our ability to determine the future of our cultural sporting heritage is greatly enhanced.

NWCSC is also striving to reach beyond the traditional fellowship of our inter-related sporting heritage to engage and interact with other groups, such as agriculture, community, recreational and conservation interests. NWCSC members believe that the task of preserving our Cultural Heritage, is compatible with; and could be beneficial to, the interests of other diverse organizations. We are active on many local Land Trusts and we are supporting members of the Connecticut Working Lands Alliance, a statewide organization dedicated to preserving more of our state's working, agricultural lands.  

NWCSC has an active, ambitious, and committed organization centered in Northwest Connecticut. Join us in preserving the best sporting traditions of our state and country.





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